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Wild Heart Salon is a modern hair salon in the Philadelphia Suburbs. It was founded with one objective: To create a salon with an infectious, loving energy. Owners Kristen and Tricia threw many salon names around, but once the phrase “wild heart” was in their heads, there was no getting it out. It defines an unstoppable spirit that resonates with anyone. Regardless of your past, you must remain full of wonder, trust your intuition and embrace the adventure!

As a whole, Wild Heart Salon aims to modernize the salon experience. Good customer service isn’t a rebellious philosophy – all businesses aim to prioritize it. To differentiate Wild Heart from other salons, we believe the value is in the “little things.” On the outside, our product is incredible hair, educated stylists and retailing stellar products, but the hope is that Wild Heart is more than a salon. Instead, our product is visceral.

We want Wild Heart to be a destination: one where you feel like you’re getting together with your dearest friends. You know the ones: those pals whose presence alone gives you a soul massage. The ones who have a glass of wine poured and waiting when you arrive. The ones who get the real you. The ones who make you laugh, you trust wholeheartedly, and connect with you… Plus, you leave looking like a total babe. It’s as simple as that. In a rushed world, who doesn’t need a Wild Heart experience?

Sustainability: To show our love to our clients and the one world we have, Wild Heart Salon has chosen to carry Davines retail and hair color, as they are forward focused on producing the highest quality products possible while doing so sustainably.